Online Marketing Solutions

online marketingIn addition to using advanced SEO techniques, White Oak Technology Group can assist with a wide variety of paid marketing approaches to drive customers to your websites and increase sales.

Pay per Click Marketing

One branch of online marketing is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. With PPC marketing, White Oak Technology Group will establish advertising campaigns on Google and/or Microsoft Ad Center, setting customer acquisition goals and creating ads based on those goals that generate when a keyword search is generated. Ads populate at the top or in the side bar of the site listing as Sponsored Links. There is a charge to the account each time a visitor clicks from a sponsored link for a particular keyword. The ultimate goal is to maximize the number of site visits that convert into sales while maintaining a low cost per conversion within a set budget. White Oak Technology Group monitors clients' PPC campaigns and makes adjustments based on the marketing results. Call White Oak Technology Group today at (309) 662-8243 if PPC marketing is something you'd like to know more about.

Affiliate Marketing

White Oak Technology Group has also helped several clients establish Affiliate Marketing campaigns to promote their businesses. Affiliate marketing taps into a network of referrers (affiliates) and rewards affiliates with a percentage of a sale or a flat commission rate when a sale is referred by an affiliate. As an added service, White Oak Technology Group has capable staff to manage affiliate campaigns so that clients don't have to monitor it themselves.

Direct Email Marketing

Once a client-base has been established, opportunities exist for businesses to send targeted email with special offers, coupons and informational items. In order to maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act (2003), White Oak Technology Group uses MailChimp to assist clients with managing and sending newsletters.

To learn more about how White Oak Technology Group can help your business through email newsletter development, contact us today.