E-Commerce Websites

ecommerceWhite Oak Technology Group was founded as an e-commerce development company back in 1999 and provides e-commerce services to small companies with only a few products along with large companies with thousands of SKUs. Our services include:

  • E-commerce website development and redesign.
  • Migration of older e-commerce websites to modern e-commerce platforms including full data conversion of product data and customer information and order history as needed.
  • Integration with back end CRMs and accounting systems to automate the transfer of product data and inventory levels, customer data, and order information.
  • Integration with newsletter mailing and marketing services to automate transfer of enrollments, opt-ins, and unsubscribes. 
  • Ongoing maintenance and support.

Key E-Commerce Functionality

Our e-commerce solutions provide a variety of features that allow you to grow your customer base and online sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – we design well organized and high performance sites that conform to the following best practices published by Google to ensure that search engines will direct customers to your website

  • Brief and accurate page titles and unique descriptions for each website page
  • Short and readable URLS
  • Well organized site structure with fresh and unique content pages
  • HTTPS and Mobile Friendly  

Security – full time https connections and web application firewalls protect your e-commerce site from cross site scripting, SQL injection, bot crawling, email harvester, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks.  This keeps your site running safely and securely.

User Friendly Search and Product Filtering – helps customers find the products they are looking for once they arrive at your site.

Inventory Management – track your current stock counts to make sure your product is always available and minimize backorders.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Features – provides information on related products and last minute cart add on suggestions to your customers to enhance their user experience and increase sales.

Flexible Shipping Options – we connect directly to major carries like FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. to provide real time shipping estimates for your customers.  You can also offer free shipping on particular items or orders, configure fixed shipping rates, and apply additional handling charges.

Advanced Cart Rules and Promotion Codes – allow you to create special offers and loyalty programs to encourage repeat sales

Other Features – support for multiple payment methods, social media integration, customer accounts and wish lists help keep your customers engaged

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